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This School - Age STEM course is a strutured, aggressive, with SEL implementation that includes but not limited to, Art, Yogo, AG, STEM, Science, Music, History, etc. 


The class is schedule for (5) students, ONLY, and Monday's belong to them and them only! Yep no other children no other detractions!  


This is a evaluated outcomes class, our goal will be helicase any COVID lost learning, to ensure the last quarter of 2024 will be productive and triumphant while entering the end of 2025 year, award brighter academic level for the New Year is the major goal.


This included, all STEM materials, art supplies, craft supplies laptop access, fieldtrip admission fees, breakfast, lunch, and 1 snack. Etc.


There is a discount for this class if your child is attending T-F After - School (School Age Only)


I recommend to get on the waiting list! 

Monday STEM - Monday's 1st Grade and Up

  • NOTE:

    1st Grade and Up Only.

    There is a 2-Monday Evalution (Tution is required) of your child to see if the youth is mature enough to attend on Monday's. This is structured, fun, aggressive, goal oriented class, dismal for youths that do not and/or will not participate, follow directions, and/or any behavioral issues will not be tolerated this class, there will be no distraction for the youths that are enjoying the class and settings. 

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